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69,000 miles

2002 BMW M Roadster in Steel Gray Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Steel Gray Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Soft Top Color Black
  • Engine S54

Seller Description

I recently purchased this car after shopping for a while, but as it turns out, I'm just a bit too tall for the car. I'd rate the exterior a 7 (if I keep the car, I'll refinish the wheels and the paint is great but there is rash on the bumper cover and hood and a parking lot bump has the rear light out of line though the bumper fits perfectly) and the interior an 8. Mechanically, the car is a 9.5 (I only discount because I'm sure there's something, though I've fixed everything discovered).

The previous owner replaced the top a few months ago. Since taking delivery, I have installed new Michelin Pilot Super Sports (they have less than 200 miles) and a new shift knob.
The previous owner kept fairly good records for the car. I've repaired an oil gasket and other minor issues discovered during the PPI. Compression and leak down are good (I can share results from 200 miles ago).

The car comes with a soft wind deflector and a rubber OEM top cover.

I have purchased the following parts which are en route or not installed as of yet:

- new steering wheel (there's nothing wrong with the current wheel, I'm just a germaphobe weirdo and prefer a new wheel)
- rear view mirror (the current mirror works, but 95% of the surface is dark)
- new floor mats

The parts mentioned above are NOT part of the sale and are NOT included in the price, but they can be installed at additional cost.

I also intend to have the front bumper resprayed and the wheels refinished when it's warm enough and less tornado-y enough for me to drive 100 miles with the top down to the shops I trust to do the work.

I realize that these aren't the best photos, so I can take iphone pictures of any particular panels as needed.

As the car sits, I'm asking $23,500. I'm in it for more, but I'm pretty realistic and don't really care to haggle over relatively nominal amounts of money. Feel free to make an offer, but don't be offended if I use unrealistic opinions as a game played to amuse myself.


Waco, TX

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Posted: 3/30/2018 10:14:12 AM by Jon Martin

It already looks a lot cleaner than it did last fall. The new top and tires are a plus. The price seems fair.

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