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SOLD on or around June 18, 2018

133,500 miles

Sale Price Unknown
1999 BMW M Roadster in Arctic Silver Metallic over Imola Red & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Arctic Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Imola Red & Black Nappa
  • Soft Top Color Black
  • Engine S52
  • Other Attributes Hard Top
    Subframe Reinforcement

Seller Description

1999 BMW Z3 M Roadster w/ Matching Hard Top (Forbes Subframe Reinforcement): 1 of 356 produced in Arctic Silver/Imola Quick summary: This is a no-expense spared, old-school maintenance performed 1999 BMW Z3 M Roadster with a matching hard top that needs nothing except to be driven. Importantly, it has had the subframe reinforcement kit for the trunk and two ear differential mount installed by Randy Forbes himself at his well regarded shop - “Sports Car Plus.” The car has a fully adjustable TC Kline coil over suspension in addition to front camber plates, H&R multi-position sway bar, Strong Strut front brace, and Turner Motorsports adjustable end links. The front bumper has been treated with Xpel protective film, the wheels are free from curb rash, and the car wears a newly re-wrapped steering wheel with M tri-color stitching. The car has been enthusiast owned and is stored during the winter months. Over $20,000 in receipts can be documented within the last ten years. Blackstone Labs oil analysis on October 13, 2017, found no issues and says “[o]verall, nice report.” I love this car and it breaks my heart to sell it, but my collection is growing and I have limited storage space. Two page full photo gallery: Randy Forbes subframe repair photo gallery: Detailed : If you are considering a BMW Z3 M Roadster, then you know that its weak point is the trunk floor and single differential mount. In most cases it is only a matter of time until the failure occurs and the repair cost will number in the thousands. The best known repair is the “Randy Forbes” fix and my Z3 M Roadster was personally reinforced by Randy Forbes himself by welding in the kit he created. The car was sent directly to Randy Forbes’ shop – Sports Cars Plus – where it received his trunk floor and two ear differential reinforcement mount. It also received Ireland engineering subframe bushings and new rear wheel bearings. He also replaced the clutch and did the shift pin fix at the same time. The car also received a full TC Kline S/A suspension and a Billy Boat performance exhaust. A Rogue Engineering larger capacity rear differential cover was added. I have the receipt and this work was done at a cost of $11,384.72. A gallery of over 300 pictures showing each stage of the work done to my Roadster by Randy Forbes is available at: The TC Kline Single Adjustable coil over suspension (over $2000) installed on my M Roadster is fully adjustable (both ride height and damping) and includes camber plates. In just a few minutes, the front camber can be adjusted from roughly 2 degrees to 4 degrees. The car also has an H&R adjustable front sway bar with Turner motorsports adjustable end links (note: the stock sway bar is included with sale). The car has a matching hard top in Arctic Silver. The hard top comes with the OEM storage bag, BMW instruction manual, and tools. The cost of a new hard top is around $4000 and if you can find them used they are around $2000. I typically use the hard top in the Fall and early Spring. It makes the car look like a coupe and keeps the interior both warmer and quieter. I have not hooked the hard top wiring for rear defroster use. The car is stored in winter and not driven in inclement weather. The wheels on the car are the stock OEM shadow chrome wheels from an S54 M Roadster. They are free of any curb rash and wear Michelin Pilot Super Sports. The car will need new front tires soon. The car has new OEM headlights that have had protective Lamin-X film applied to keep them clear and free of hazing. I had the front bumper professionally resprayed to eliminate some rock chips, and I had the front license plate holes filled at the same time. Xpel protective film has been applied to the front bumper to avoid any future rock chips. The previous owner had the rear bumper resprayed to remove rock chips. The car has had professional PDR (paintless dent repair removal) and I am not aware of any door dings. There is no rust. This is a numbers matching car – I have pictures of all the VIN numbers on each body panel. I have had the other typical problems associated with the Z3 repaired. For example, I have had the seat bushings replaced so the seats don’t rock forwards/backwards. I also had the glove box sag kit done. The seat belt guides are intact and not broken. The CDV (clutch delay valve) delete has been done for better clutch feel. I purchased the OEM jack to complete the trunk tool kit and also purchased the Euro warning triangle in the blue case. I have also added a keyless entry system that is very convenient. The car comes with a complete set of OEM keys. The steering wheel was starting to show wear, so I replaced it with a professionally re-wrapped stock wheel with tri-color M stitching. I also bought new Imola leather steering wheel tabs from the Leather Z company. The replacement steering wheel is in black nappa leather and is slightly thicker than stock (more like the thickness of a modern BMWs steering wheel; feels just right). The interior of the car is in very nice shape. All of the carpets are clean and look great. The previous owner had the seats reupholstered in the stock pattern/color. The leather is soft and regularly conditioned. The seats are in terrific shape with the only notable flaw being wear on the driver’s bolster. There is also the typical very small crack on the center console near the A/C button. The stock Business radio with upgraded HK speakers works very nicely although occasionally a speaker will act up. All maintenance is up to date on the car and everything on it works as it should (see recent maintenance listed below). I treat the roof each season with 303 spray protectant. The car is regularly detailed and kept very clean. The two stage heated seats, A/C, and heat work as they should. I am a long time BMWCCA member and I am friends with the prior owner (he is also a club member, multiple “Z” car owner, and car enthusiast). I purchased the car from my friend in large part because of the way he maintained it (sparing no expense, Old School Maintenance) and I have continued that tradition. This is truly a “needs nothing” car and cosmetically it presents like it is only a year or two old. I have all of my receipts and some receipts from the prior owner. Receipts for the last ten years easily total over $20,000. Blackstone Lab oil report 10/13/17: Consistent wear across numbers, no fuel or coolant contamination, excellent oil filtration – “[o]verall, nice report!” The sale also includes some valuable extras and options. It has an NLA wind deflector installed between the roll bars. The car has a black Strong Strut brand strut brace installed. It also comes with a black roof cover. I also have two cloth rear window protectors for when the roof is in the open position (to protect the plastic window from scratching). I have the under hood OEM insulation to go with the sale, but I don’t keep it installed. Flaws: Typical hair line (small) crack by A/C button on center console; there are minor rock chips/scratches you would expect for a car of this age; the previous owner was hit on the passenger door at the grocery store in a low speed incident and the door was professionally repaired; there is some very minor sag in the hard top’s headliner near the rear corners (this is common and not noticeable when the hard top is on because it occurs behind the front seats). Recent maintenance: 10/17 Blackstone Lab Oil Analysis (“nice report”) 9/17 Oil/Filter Redline 5w30/OEM Filter Kit 7/17 303 soft top protectant 11/16 Techron Fuel Treatment 10/16 H&R Sway Bar/Turner End Links 9/16 Oil Filter Housing Gasket/Camshaft Pos. Sensor/Oil and Filter Change 8/16 Replace Flasher Relay 6/16 Serpentine Belt/Idler & Tensioner Pulleys/Fuel Filter/Keyless Entry 6/16 Air filter/Spark plugs/Techron Fuel Treatment 6/16 Replace Antenna Gasket 6/16 A/C belt and pulley 5/16 Replacement Steering Wheel 4/16 CDV delete/brake fluid and clutch fluid flush 3/16 Xpel Film Applied Front Bumper 1/16 Front Bumper Professionally Resprayed 10/15 Rear tail light gasket/Door Handle Gaskets 9/15 Seat Rail Bushings Replaced 9/15 New CD 43 Radio Knob 9/15 Oil and Filter Change – Redline 5w30 and OEM filter kit 9/15 Leather Z Imola Steering Wheel Tabs 9/15 Techron Fuel Treatment 9/15 New A/C Compressor Some Notable Options include: 209 Limited Slip Differential 481 Sport Seats 494 Seat Heating 710 M Leather Steering Wheel 530 Air Conditioning 395 Roll Bar Protection System 260 Side Airbag 243 Front Airbag 785 White Direction Indicator Lights 658 Radio Business CD RDS 674 Harman Kardon HIFI Speaker System 388 Soft Top Black



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Posted: 6/18/2018 8:23:38 AM by Jon Martin

Listing removed; looks like it sold

Posted: 6/8/2018 4:58:29 PM by Jon Martin

It might be a record for longest BMW CCA listing. It has a ton of great upgrades including Randy Forbes kit, hard top, TC Kline coilovers, and lots of other good stuff. It has some miles, but the price is still fair.

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