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SOLD on or around July 13, 2018

156,000 miles

Asking Price: $5,005
1999 BMW M Roadster in Arctic Silver Metallic over Imola Red & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Arctic Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Imola Red & Black Nappa
  • Soft Top Color Black
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

Great sportscar in good condition!
No maintenance due for a long time; new clutch, new suspensions, wheels good. Nice extras like wind deflector and maintenance tools.

Just selling because after getting hooked to this type of car I am looking to upgrade to an S54 M Roadster.

Pros: technically in good condition; roof doesn't leak even in heavy weather, A/C recently filled and ice cold, everything electrical (like power windows, power seats etc.) works, no major optical flaws, handles like new (good tire thread and perfectly maintained chassis). No aftermarket-additions. Engine in great shape; no significant oil consumption

Cons: only manual top, seatbelt sign on (had it checked by Alexandria Bavarian Service: no safety hazard; wire worn thin over time), slight wear and tear

Overall, I'd say you'll get more than just a fair car for this price! Just selling in order to upgrade soon...


Washington, DC

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Posted: 7/13/2018 2:07:01 PM by Jon Martin

Sold to a high bid of $5,005

Posted: 7/10/2018 10:20:52 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $5,500 from $6,667

Posted: 7/2/2018 7:56:15 AM by Jon Martin

I assume this is the same seller as last week. It uses the same photos but a worse description. Price has been reduced to $6,666.66 from $7,500.

Posted: 7/1/2018 8:08:27 AM by Jon Martin

Listings removed; looks like it sold

Posted: 6/29/2018 10:09:29 AM by Jon Martin

That was quick. I like seeing people get hooked and upgrade. This roadster was last available just a month ago. It has some good small upgrades. The price seems fair.

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