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SOLD on or around September 27, 2019

73,496 miles

Sale Price Unknown
1998 BMW M Roadster in Cosmos Black Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Cosmos Black Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Soft Top Color Black
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

Few things are better than a 2-seat roadster with a potent six-cylinder powerplant up front. The British probably invented the things,? but cars like this 1998 BMW Z3 M Roadster are the modern embodiment of the "less is more" philosophy that makes 2-seat sports cars so special. With maintenance records,? no modifications,? an appealing color combination,? and classic good looks,? just imagine next summer with this in your garage. Basic black always works and looks particularly good on the Z3's swoopy 2-seater bodywork. With just over 70,?000 original miles,? it remains in excellent shape,? thanks to a combination of quality BMW workmanship and careful ownership over the past 20 years (yes,? it's been that long already!). The shark-like Z3 still looks great,? the kind of car that makes people stop and watch as it drives past,? and with the M's flared fenders,? deeper chin spoiler,? and quad exhaust tips,? everyone knows this isn't any garden-variety Z3. Thanks to BMW build quality,? gaps are tight while the aggressive front fascia is in great shape with a few touch-ups,? and the gills on the front fenders add an old-school touch. In back,? the third brake light is neatly integrated into the trunk lid and you'll find that there's a minimum of add-ons,? just a pure,? clean shape. If you want a good-looking sports car that isn't the same-old,? same-old,? this BMW definitely delivers. Those of you who have driven BMWs already know that the interior is singularly focused on the driver,? an environment that works with you to seamlessly blend man and machine. The black leather seats are in outstanding condition and still gently but firmly hold you in place. Black carpets are plush enough to whisper luxury,? but lightweight so they don't slow the car down. Big,? round gauges with chrome rings were obviously influenced by great sports cars of the past,? and include the auxiliary dials down on the console. Everything was standard in the M,? including A/C,? power windows,? seats,? and locks,? a tilt steering wheel,? and cruise control,? all of which are joined by an AM/FM/CD stereo that's still no match for the exhaust note. Everything works,? which shouldn't be a surprise,? and it looks fresh not dated the way a lot of "retro" styled cars seem to get. There's a black canvas top that fits well enough to make this car "car wash safe" and the trunk is big enough for a few overnight bags so go hit the road! The Z3 M got the same 3.2 liter inline-6 found in the M3,? and yes,? it's as smooth and torquey as you've heard. In the lightweight Z3,? it's positively robust,? flinging the lightweight car down the road with ease. It never grumbles or stumbles,? it's always impeccably smooth,? and you'll relish running it through the gears every chance you get,? just for the joy of the machine doing its work. It remains completely stock,? which is a rare thing in the BMW world,? and has always been serviced at the dealer,? so you know it's right. The 5-speed manual gearbox slips through the gears with just a gentle tug on the knob and the all-independent suspension manages to be both competent and supple at the same time,? with enormous grip that never feels harsh. The dual exhaust system gives the six a wonderful tenor voice and a lifetime in a warm climate shows in the clean undercarriage. Special M-specific alloy wheels and recent performance radials give it just the right profile as well as an upscale image. This is first-class BMW performance and luxury at a third-class price. Where else can you get this much class and performance for so little cash? Call today!


Streetside Classics
Lithia Springs, GA

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Posted: 9/27/2019 10:58:18 PM by Jon Martin


Posted: 8/29/2019 12:39:04 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $13,995 from $14,995

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Price reduced to $14,995 from $16,995

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Price reduced to $16,995 from $17,995

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Price reduced to $17,995 from $18,995

Posted: 11/18/2018 3:57:43 PM by Jon Martin

It looks like a stock M Roadster with 73k miles. It's nice but average shape for the mileage. The price is optimsitic though.

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