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85,205 miles

2000 BMW M Roadster in Titanium Silver Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Titanium Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Soft Top Color Black
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

Parting ways with my project car that’s been a joy to work on and is mechanically sound, runs like a champ. I’ve done TONS of work on this car and there are a few things left to do that would be fun for the next owner and not required to enjoy driving as-is.

Depending on personal preference there’s some exterior work needed:

  1. Driver side door panel may need repainted (I attempted a repair and it’s not the greatest)
  2. Right side of trunk, same as above. I attempted a repair and not the greatest.

Both are only noticeable if paying attention, otherwise the exterior is in decent shape.

Interior work needed (I have all parts with the exception of a few clips)

  1. There are some trim pieces that will need to be reinstalled from the glove box reinforcement work
  2. The shift console is cracked around the AC switch and in need of replacement
  3. Passenger side seatbelt guide needs to be replaced
  4. Clock Light needs to be replaced
  5. Replace AC switch (AC on light not working)

I also have the parts required to start and finish the following:

Install Stainless Brake Caliper Pistons (ATE)
Replace Caliper Gaskets (OEM rebuild Kit)
Replace Cracked Shifter Console (OEM)
Replace Inner CV Joints (GKN Porsche)
I also have all parts needed for the above work.

Here’s a list of the work I’ve done to-date:


  • Installed Glove box reinforcement bracket (Aftermarket)
  • M Floor Mats (OEM)
  • Replaced Missing Air Bag Badges (OEM)
  • Installed Lighted Shifter Knob (OEM)
  • Replaced Steering Wheel Slip Ring (OEM)
  • Replaced Broken Seatbelt Guide, Drivers Side (OEM)
  • Replaced Driver Side Seat Bushings (Aftermarket)
  • Replaced Convertible Top Pump (OEM)
  • Hand Sewn Leather Steering Wheel Cover


  • Upgraded to Vented and Drilled Rotors (Powerstop Z23 Evolution Sport)
  • Replaced Brake Pads
  • Upgraded to Front and Rear Brass Caliper Guides (Bimmerworld)
  • Upgraded to Stainless Steel Brake Lines (Bimmerworld)
  • Brake Fluid Flush and Replaced with DOT4 LV


  • Replaced Noisy Idler Pulley (OEM)
  • Changed Spark Plugs (NGK/Bosch)
  • Replaced Leaking Valve Cover Gasket (OEM)
  • Upgraded Engine Mounts (Bimmerworld Performance)
  • Flushed and Replaced Coolant
  • Changed Oil at 85,080 Miles


  • Replaced Catalytic Converter with D.E.C brand
  • Replaced Exhaust Hardware and Gaskets (OEM)
  • Installed New O2 Sensors (NGK)
  • Replaced stock silencers with SuperSprint Sport Exhaust


  • Installed Rogue Engineering Transmission Mounts
  • Installed UUC EVO3 Short Throw/Adjustable Height Shifter
  • Installed Shifter Bushing Upgrade Kit (Turner)
  • Flushed and Replaced Transmission Fluid
  • Replaced Leaking Selector Rod Seal (OEM)
  • Replaced Leaking Clutch Slave Cylinder (Dorman)
  • Rear Differential Swap (3.46, dual clutch), stock Diff to be sold with vehicle
  • Replaced Drive Shaft and Center Support Bearing (Dorman)
  • Replaced Guibo and Replaced Lock Nuts (OEM)
  • Replaced Clutch with ClutchMasters FX100

Front Axle

  • Upgraded Front Sway Bar Bushings (Powerflex Street)
  • Replaced Front Wheel Bearings (MOOG)
  • Replaced Front Control Arms and Bushings (TrackCab)
  • Installed Performance Front Stabilizer Links

Rear Axle

  • Replaced Subframe Bushings (Powerflex Street)
  • Replaced Rear Sway Bar Bushings (Powerflex Street)
  • Replaced Rear Diff Bushings (Powerflex Street)
  • Installed Rear Trailing Arm Bushings (AKG Polyurethane)
  • Replaced Rear Trailing Arm Bolts and Lock Nuts (OEM)


  • Installed H&R Lowering Springs
  • Replaced Front Strut Top Hats (Lemfoerder)
  • Replaced Rear Shock Mounts (Rogue Engineering)
  • Installed Bilstein B8 Sport Front Struts
  • Installed Bilstein B8 Sport Rear Shocks


  • Replaced Power Steering Fluid Reservoir (OEM)
  • Replaced Power Steering Fluid Cooling Line and Hoses (OEM)
  • Replaced Front Tie Rods (Lemfoerder)


  • Replaced Lug Bolts with Nuts (Aftermarket)
  • Replaced Faded Exterior M badges (OEM)
  • Replaced Third Brake Light Lens, Gasket and Bulb Carrier (OEM)
  • Replaced Door Handle Gaskets (OEM)
  • Michelin Pilot Sports with less than 200 miles


Cedar Park, TX

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Posted: 6/14/2019 8:55:22 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $11,000 from $15,000 but no takers on Ebay

Posted: 6/7/2019 1:38:38 PM by Jon Martin

It has a lot of nice, new parts all over the car and should be fairly well sorted now. The price is still probably a little optimistic for the mileage and color combo.

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