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SOLD on or around August 28, 2019

85,300 miles

Sale Price Unknown
1999 BMW M Roadster in Imola Red 2 over Imola Red & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Imola Red 2
  • Interior Color Imola Red & Black Nappa
  • Soft Top Color Black
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

This is a very clean 1998 M Roadster with the legendary and bullet proof S52 motor. It has the equally bulletproof 5speed ZF Manual transmission. It has only 85k miles on it and I do have a small stack of service records. This has always been adult owned and never abused. I have the clean/clear title in hand. I also have personally done maintenance on it over the years. There are no oil leaks, no check engine light, everything looks new under the hood and the interior is in good condition. In the last few hundred miles I've installed a new flex disc (guibo), new power steering lines, fresh synthetic oil change, crank case to valve cover breather tube and a new cam position sensor. The seats are in great shape with no tears only normal wear. The only flaws that can easily be fixed are the corners of the top of the interior vinyl material by the mirrors are starting to separate and need to be glued back down. The exterior is in good condition however it looks like the front bumper was touched up at some point and there are few dings, mostly minor, on the doors. They could be removed without having to repaint the panels. The convertible top is in decent condition and everything else seems to work as it should. I haven't looked into it but there occasionally is a airbag light on. This is a very fun car to drive, and is very rare although parts are readily available since this drivetrain was also used in the 95 to 99 E36 M3. Please call or text with any questions.


Henderson, NV

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Posted: 8/28/2019 10:38:19 PM by Jon Martin

It appears to be on the market from a different seller even though the Craigslist listing is still active.

Posted: 8/12/2019 9:12:07 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $9,800 from $10,500

Posted: 8/3/2019 4:43:30 PM by Jon Martin

It looks to be stock besides the audio. It's in pretty good condition for the mileage. It has had quite a bit of good recent maintenance. The price seems very fair.

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