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SOLD on or around November 29, 2017

237,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2000 BMW M Roadster in Cosmos Black Metallic over Dark Gray & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Cosmos Black Metallic
  • Interior Color Dark Gray & Black Nappa
  • Soft Top Color Black
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

Here’s your opportunity to grab an *AWESOME* car for a steal!  I honestly don’t want to sell her, but I’m leaning to the side of practicality.  I surf a lot, and I just can’t rely on a 2-seater convertible to get me to the beach with a quiver of surfboards on a regular basis.  She’s 17 years old, so she’s not perfect, or mint, but overall she’s in excellent condition.  Some features are in excellent shape, and others are in need of TLC.  I’m providing a detailed listing, as well as a link to my service records spreadsheet (<a href=""></a>).  I have all the service records from myself and the previous owner in a paper file folder.  The engine and tranny run smooth and strong; you won’t be disappointed.

Disclaimer:  She is an older car, limited production, and she has high miles. With that being said, she still runs/performs/appears top-notch.  What I am asking for her is a fair price, considering all the mods/upgrades I’ve made, and I’m not willing to negotiate.  Don’t inquire about her, with the intent of meeting me, looking at her, and then negotiating down.  I’m not negotiating.  If you don’t think she’s worth this much, don’t contact me.  If you come out to look at her, and feel that she’s not worth that much, then I’m sorry, but you won’t get her for less.  I did my best to provide a gamut of pictures to help you determine that she *IS* worth what I’m asking.  I can provide more pictures upon request, but I will not provide a discount on the price.


  • 3.2L S52 In-line 6-cylinder engine (240hp, 236lb/ft torque)
  • Cosmo Racing Cold Air Intake
  • Amsoil European synthetic oil and Mann filters since 178k miles
  • Beyern Mesh wheels - 18x8.5 front/18x9.5 rear, gloss black/mirror-cut lip/face
  • Yokohama Advan Sport A/S tires - 225/40/18 front, 255/35/18 rear (50k tires with 13k on them)
  • Turner Motorsports wheel spacers front/back
  • H&R sport springs (lowered 1.3” front/rear)
  • Bilstein struts (front)/sport/lowering shocks (rear)
  • Meyle heavy-duty rear shock mounts
  • Rear adjustable camber trailing arm bushings
  • Dinan Front Strut Brace


  • Cosmos Black pearl metallic paint (new @ BMW dealer, 2015)
  • DarwinPRO Carbon fiber BS style hood bonnet
  • CCFL angel-eye dual projector headlights
  • OPT7 LED Headlights; all exterior lights replaced with LEDs
  • Black fabric convertible top (waterproof-treated and recently dyed)
  • 20% window tinting driver/passenger windows
  • Invisible bra on front bumper, headlights, and rear quarter-panel flares
  • Carbon-fiber hood/trunk badges
  • Leather two-tone power BMW sport seats (driver/passenger)
  • Black/dark grey Interior trim/leather
  • Leather BMW shifter
  • 2-tone leather short-shift boot, with M stitching


  • A/C blows strong and *cold*
  • Kenwood KDC-352U stereo head unit, Kenwood Sport Series KFC-1665S speakers x 6
  • OEM BMW fabric floor mats and Hex-o-Mat all weather mats

Brief History:
02/2000 0 miles  Manufacture date
03/2000 39 miles Leased to 1st owner
07/2002 8,112 miles Purchase - 2nd owner
09/2003 32,000 miles  Purchase - 3rd owner
04/2013 178,679 miles My purchase; last owner
AutoCheck report at my time of purchase came back clean. (<a href=""></a>)
01/2015 212,423 miles Minor accident recorded; insurance paid for repairs

Service Notes:
I accomplish all the service on my vehicles myself.  Oil changes, brakes, clutches, starters, fluids, filters, sparks, etc.  The only maintenance that I could not accomplish myself was tire changes and alignments.  Everything else was accomplished in my garage.  Previous owner had all service accomplished at his local service shop (Touring Car, Inc.)

  • All fluids, belts, filters, and plugs changed when I purchased her in 2013.
  • All service done by service center for previous owner is included in the physical file and in my service spreadsheet.
  • Switched engine over to Amsoil Synthetic European formula in 2013.  With Amsoil synthetic oil and Mann filters, oil changes done every 25,000 miles (175k, 200k, 225k, etc.)
  • Tranny dropped in Dec. 2014 to replace sticky shift pins.  Replaced rear main oil seal while I was in there.
  • In Jan. 2015, a person backed their crossover SUV onto my hood and damaged the hood, headlights, and grill.  I opted to pay the additional cost to have the BMW dealer paint the whole car.  So brand new paint job and clear coat at that time, with BMW paint at the dealer.
  • In Nov. 2016, slid under F-250 and damaged hood, headlight, and cold air intake.  No insurance involved.  I replaced the hood, headlights, cold air intake (all new), and put a “band-aid” sticker on the small scratch on the bumper (choosing to re-paint the bumper would require removal of and replacement of the invisible bra).

Things that need some work:

  • There is a *tiny* oil leak at the oil pan.  When I say tiny, I mean 1 drop a month on my garage floor.  That’s it.  I was going to replace the oil pan gasket, but for the amount of effort, and as little as it is leaking, I decided not to.  I have the gasket, which I’d be glad to provide, if you want to do so yourself.
  • There is a tear in the driver’s seat from the driver getting in and out, and there is a tear in the passenger seat at one of the seams.  Both can be seen in the pics.  Considering the cost of $1k-$2k for new seat leather, and *no* availability of form-fitting seat covers that fit the M Roadster sport seats, I decided not to fix these tears.  They were both there when I bought the car, and they’ll be there when you do as well.  I thought that it would bother me, but it doesn’t.  Hopefully it won’t bother you.
  • Paint missing on the bottom center of the front bumper.  Shortly after I had the car painted, and the Invisible bra installed, I “tapped” a concrete parking bumper.  That whole chunk of paint popped off at once.  I was ticked (with myself), but not ready to jump to fixing it.  I figured this might entail taking the Invisible bra off, and having to replace it, and I didn’t want to do so.  It hasn't spread or changed since then.
  • Paint scratch/Invisible bra tear under band-aid sticker on driver-side front bumper.  I was in an accident in November 2016, where I slid into the ball hitch of a truck in front of me.  The headlight, hood, and CAI were damaged, and all were replaced with new items (hence the carbon fiber hood at that point).  On the front bumper, there is a small (1” long) tear in the Invisible bra and matching scratch in the paint from this, and rather than replacing the whole invisible bra and repainting the bumper, I just place a band-aid sticker over it and kept on driving.  Makes it look tough.
  • Airbag light is on.  It has been on since I bought it.


Currituck, NC

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Posted: 11/29/2017 10:17:20 AM by Jon Martin

Listing removed; looks like it sold

Posted: 11/10/2017 10:11:45 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $7,000 from $8,000 which is better

Posted: 9/26/2017 11:21:47 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $8,000 from $8,500

Posted: 8/29/2017 10:58:19 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $8,500 from $8,950

Posted: 8/5/2017 9:32:17 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced a little more to $8,950 from $8,999

Posted: 7/10/2017 1:15:27 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $8,999 from $10,000 and added new photos

Posted: 4/27/2017 10:39:56 AM by Jon Martin

Lots of miles but it seems like it's been pretty well cared for. I like the nice detailed description.

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