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LC88977 - Part 3: The Service Work Begins - Tackling the Drivetrain

After an initial oil change service and some further driving of the car so that I could identify everything it needed, I started the multi-week teardown using my mechanic's lift to allow me full access to the underside and drivetrain of the car. Luckily I also had full use of a two car garage and work bench to store all of the removed pieces which needed servicing, like the seats, wheels, mufflers, front bumper and differential.


A True BMW Accessory Oddity

I have yet to find a good reference for this particular BMW GPS system on the 'world wide web', so I thought I would take this opportunity to briefly document its removal from a 2002 E36/7 M Roadster that I recently acquired. As neat and unique as this (apparently) rare GPS system is, I have decided to pull it from the car. It no longer seems to work and would be horrifically outdated map-wise even if it did. What's really annoying though, is that it bounces around on the dash like a Hawaiian bobble head hula girl. These days, top notch mapping and directions are available on any smart phone, and there are endless options for in-dash or windshield mount GPS units available. To be honest, I really don't use GPS much anyways.





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