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LC88977 - Part 2: PPI and Services Needed

After purchasing and driving home the Imola Red M Roadster, it was time to assess the service and repair work the car would need to be in optimal condition. The pre-purchase inspection from the dealer in Albuquerque revealed over $4,700 in needed work. And according to the service advisor this was the conservative quote which didn’t include the cost to perform needed scheduled maintenance. After taking into account the repairs suggested by the dealer and conducting my own inspection, I created a thorough list of needed services and repairs. My intention was to initially address the most important drivetrain service items, followed by a comprehensive overhaul. The cost of having the dealer perform these repairs would exceed several thousand dollars, but fortunately I have the tools and experience to properly perform these repairs at my home garage.


LC88977 - Part 1: Introduction

In December of 2013 I was perusing through and came upon an Imola Red 1999 DINAN M Roadster that caught my eye. I've owned several M Roadsters since 2000, I’m very familiar with them mechanically and I’ve always been a fan of DINAN’s performance packages. The idea of owning a version with almost every DINAN option, including the rare period correct Fiske wheels, with a hardtop, from a one owner family was just too tempting to pass up. So on Christmas day I flew to Albuquerque, New Mexico to inspect the car in person, complete the transaction and then drive the car home back to Los Angeles.


S54 M Roadster vs Cadillac XLR-V, S54 M Coupe

Scott and Vicki are fortunate enough to own an 2001 M Coupe, a 2001 M Roadster, and a 2006 Cadillac XLR-V which is a little bit of both. Here’s how they think they compare.

This article is not technically a "Roadster Comparison" but we still thought that readers would find it interesting. What is our impression after living with both the S54 Coupe and Roadster? How do they compare to the Cadillac XLR-V which is both a roadster and a coupe as it has a retractable hardtop that offers structural support?


Where to Look

I spent quite a few years compiling a list of sites that would hopefully cover nearly all currently listed M Coupes for sale. Fortunately, they all also apply to M Roadsters. Here it is in the order I see most potential.

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