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LC90535 - Part 4: Brake Service

Parts replaced:
Front Brake Discs, Left and Right
Rear Brake Discs, Left and Right
Front Brake Pads
Rear Brake Pads
Ate Type 200 Brake Fluid

The brakes on my M Roadster were working properly and the pads had plenty of life left, but I wasn’t overly happy with how well the car stopped. Since I was investing so much time and money to upgrade and overhaul the car’s suspension and drivetrain, it would be a shame to not improve the braking as well. Luckily this decision was an easy one, because quality replacement brake components are fairly inexpensive. I replaced all four discs with Meyle OEM replacements and chose to use Akebono brake pads front and rear. The Akebono’s create very little brake dust, but have good grip and don’t wear too quickly.

Since the brake calipers and discs would be apart, I used this opportunity to thoroughly clean and inspect the calipers. I decided not to paint them, because they cleaned up so well and had little to no oxidation or discoloration. The parking brakes were in good condition, as were the piston seals on each brake caliper.

Once everything was put back together, I performed a thorough brake bleed to rid the system of the very dark colored brake fluid that had probably been in the system for several years. I used Ate Type 200, which FCP Euro also conveniently sells.

Overall, I'm very happy with the stock look of the brakes and more importantly, their stopping power. I could have used crossed drilled or slotted rotors, as I did in previous M Roadster cars, but for daily driving year round, these are the best brakes for my needs. Down the line I may upgrade the brake lines as well to further improve braking feel, but for now I’m very happy with car’s stock setup.


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