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182,489 miles

1999 BMW M Roadster in Cosmos Black Metallic over Dark Gray & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Cosmos Black Metallic
  • Interior Color Dark Gray & Black Nappa
  • Soft Top Color Black
  • Engine S52
  • Other Attributes Subframe Reinforcement

Seller Description

A great M roadster for what I believe to be a fair price, I am willing to make a deal for a Bimmer forum member. Please contact me with any questions, I think this is a great community, and I'll provide all the info I can. Please don't be intimidated by the miles, this is a very sound roadster, and the engine is a beast. Originally bought the M roadster back in 2014 for sunny weekend drives, since then I have bought a small farm, and now need to buy a tractor instead... for sunny weekend drives around the farm. The car is great, purrs like a kitten, tons of power and is a joy to drive. I haven't placed the car for sale anywhere else yet, as I'd hope to sell to a Bimmer community member who really appreciates the M roadsters, and will care for the vehicle.

- I bought the M roadster in 2014 with 178,000 miles, I've only driven 4,500 miles in the six years I've owned the car, and have only driven in the summer. I have a picture album at my username/profile page, and can post more if requested.

Here's the good stuff:
- 1999 BMW M Roadster
- Built: 1/1999
- Miles: 182,489
- Engine: 3.2L S52
- Trans: 5 speed manual
- VIN: WBSCK9339XLC89109
- Ext Color: Cosmo Black #303 (Cosmosschwarz Metallic)
- Int Color: Nappa Black/Gray #Q6TT (Leder Walk Nappa/Grau)
- AC, Dual Power Heated Seats, Cruise Control, M leather steering wheel, etc....

Completed Improvements (Roadster community info):
- Randy Forbes Subframe Reinforcement/dual ear diff mount kit; Completed by previous owner
- Aluminum water pump; Completed by previous owner
- Bilstein sport struts; Completed by previous owner
- Sumitomo HTR Ziii tires; Completed by previous owner
================================================== =======
- BMW Level 2 Service @ 178,000 miles; Completed by VOSS Village BMW of Centerville Ohio. Right after I bought the convertible, because of it's high miles, I figured it would be a good idea to have the Level 2 service done by a BMW dealership, and have a pro give the vehicle a good once over.
- New clutch/flywheel @ 178,000 miles; The BMW L2 inspection recommended a new clutch & flywheel, so I had the dealership do the work, $3,700.
================================================== =======
- New windshield; The original was peppered with rock chips, I had a new one installed.
- New passenger front rim; The original rim caused a little vibration @ about 50mph, so I had a new one put on. I'm including the original rim with the sale, (just cool to have around the garage).
- Added the seat tilt/bushings; Did this one myself, a must for the roadsters.
- Installed OEM mufflers; When I bought the roadster, there were aftermarket mufflers, so I bought some OEM mufflers, and had them installed.
- Magnetic rear fender stone guards; Helps protect those wide rear fenders from the pebbles.

Included with the sale:
- The big book: Bentley BMW Z3 Service Manual
- The OEM original radio antenna; I currently have a short bullet style antenna installed on the car.
- Extra assorted small vehicle bulbs
- BMW battery tender for winter storage, if you need one.

I'm made several improvements, but here's a few things to be aware of that I haven't got around to fixing/relacing:
- Has a (decent) Pioneer aftermarket stereo
- One of rear speakers is blown
- Previous owner dented the driver door, and replaced with a door that is not the original, and the new one has small dents near the side mirror from previous owner, ugh, yes the guy replaced a dented door with a less dented door, but I don't really notice the dents. (see pics).
- Rock chips on the front portion of the hood, and minor scratches in the paint, what you would expect with a car with these miles.
- A few dash bulbs are out, not critical ones, I'll take a night pics of the lights and add to the gallery.
- Driver's seat leather has some separation at the bottom seam on the right side, can't feel it when driving/sitting, not hugely noticeable. And some crinkles in the leather of the seat, just normal wear. (see pics)


Germantown, OH

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Posted: 6/5/2020 8:33:06 AM by Jon Martin

It has been a almost 6 years since we last saw this roadster. It only has about 5k new miles. It' had some great stuff done including a Randy Forbes kit and lot so fmaintenance.  The new price seems fair to me.

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