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53,280 miles

2001 BMW M Roadster in Alpine White 3 over Laguna Seca Blue & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Alpine White 3
  • Interior Color Laguna Seca Blue & Black Nappa
  • Soft Top Color Black
  • Engine S54

Seller Description

2001 M Roadster
Alpine White exterior
Black and Laguna Seca Blue interior
VIN LJ80004
53,280 miles

I purchased this roadster in April 2013 at 49,131 miles. It is a pre-production vehicle and the only Alpine White over Laguna Seca Blue M Roadster. It is all stock with no modifications other than a GROM bluetooth audio unit that I installed.

I have enjoyed it for the last few summers and it has been stored in an insulated garage from October to April over the winters. With the amount of time it spends in the garage and how little I've driven it the time has come for me to sell. I would love to see it go to someone who will appreciate its uniqueness, take care of it, and enjoy it for a long time.

Autocheck and Carfax reports show a clean history with no accidents and it has a clean title. However, it has a few issues, two of which pre-date my ownership. I did not inspect the car in person before purchasing it and these issues came as unpleasant surprises to me. I don't want anything to be a surprise to potential buyers and want to accurately represent the details of its condition. I also want to be clear about why I'm asking less than what the market would bear for this S54 roadster were it free of issues. Here are the details:

- There are a few broken spot welds and three hairline cracks in the trunk floor. I marked the location of the end of the cracks immediately after I took possession of the car. Over four thousand miles they have propagated a small amount.
- There is evidence of repaired accident damage to the right front corner. The are signs of paint work in this area and the bumper mount on the right side shows signs of an impact.
- I scraped the underside of the front bumper a few times while driving in the Seattle area. I've always been careful with it but that sometimes isn't enough around here.
- The airbag light is on because I drove it with the passenger seat removed.
- The antenna is missing. It fell off during a drive and I could not find it.

It won't win any concours events, but other than these issues it is in good condition. I created a google drive gallery with images of the vehicle and the issues and copies of the service records:

Prior to my ownership it had the following maintenance performed:

August 2012
-Clutch and flywheel replaced
-Constant pressure valve replaced
-Accessory belts replaced
-Rear view mirror reconditioned
-Rear window replaced
-Delrin seat bushings installed
-Tweeter speakers replaced

April 2013
-Inspection II service

While under my ownership I’ve done the following maintenance:

April 2013
-Sagging glove box repair
-Installed missing trim above rear view mirror

April 2014
-Oil and filter
-Brake/clutch fluid flush
-Coolant flush

May 2015
-Oil and filter
-Brake fluid flush
-Washer fluid pump replaced

The sale will also include the BMW windscreen, tonneau cover, and car cover shown in the pictures.

Considering the rarity and condition of the car I'm asking $22,000 and will consider all offers if they lead to a quick sale.


Lynnwood, WA

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Posted: 2/6/2016 10:52:59 PM by Jon Martin

Alway cools to find a 1 of 1, and even better that's a pre-production s54 as well. The headlight washers are pretty cool on a US car as well. It's not perfect, but i think it's a great deal for a special roadster.

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